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About Me

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Alexis Flowers

Alexis Flowers editor, photographer and  videographer born in New Orleans, Louisiana has lived in more than five different states throughout her life.  During high school and college Alexis started in the entertainment field as a videographer for the faith-base and collaborated on over 10 short films, respectively. She worked as a digital marketing consultant editing 10 videos per week for YouTube content and all social media platforms for a faith-base in her senior year of the Master's program. 


Alexis has a passion for editing and post-production, with approximately over ten years’ experience in digital media. As an videographer and  editor Alexis has become proficient in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and some experience in Final Cut. She is a honor graduate from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production and a Bachelor of Art degree from the City College in New York. 


Alexis is a videographer/editor working to teach the next generation how they should positively see and create their own future. She is a highly committed individual, always willing to challenge her abilities and grow her passion for creating positive and influential storytelling. 

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